South Wind AMERICA
2875 NW 82 Ave, Suite 120, Doral, FL, 33122, USA.



Along South America’s western edge, more than 3700 miles of Pacific Ocean coastline  with cool waters and rich maritime history laps Chile, home for South Wind. Founded in 1994 from humble beginnings, after years of hard work, we managed to settle among the most important and well recognized producers of elaborated seafood in the country.

Our focus on quality, versatility and innovation has positioned us in markets around the world such as USA, Japan and Europe. We employ a dedicated and passionate workforce of over 200 people whom we are proud to say that 90% of them are women. As a company we care very much about our values.

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Commitment to excellence and corporate pride are demonstrated through their service to the company and between themselves.

Food quality and sustainability is of fundamental importance for South Wind and we put extensive policies and procedures in place aimed at the consistent production of excellent standards and safe food for all consumers. In order to achieve prime goals, we have a Lab within our facilities which is set up efficiently for testing programs and food quality controls ensuring safe and efficient international shipments.

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Our brand portfolio is defined by its diversity, high quality and adventurous products. This large range supplies retail, white tablecloth restaurants, casual dinings, hotels, bars and cafes, food distributors and international trade companies. We also have a strong focus on private label development and work closely with retail partners in finding the best gastronomic solutions to every possible customer. 
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South Wind Atlantic salmon is a high source of omega-3, recognized by its soft texture and mild flavour, and world renowned for pleasing every palate. Our exceptional level of certification guarantees the highest quality, safe food and consistent production for all clients. Our experienced teams are led by high end standards, optimization of every process and commitment to excellence.

“Quality and innovation are our core values that inspire us to create a wide range of high value added products to fit our customer needs.”

BRC, ASC, HACCP and Kosher certifications support our high level of quality assurance standards, which we have performed over the years under a fully controlled processing environment to assure the most strict food safety conditions.

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As a company we always strive to improve our current systems in order to develop original products and also help the environment. A continued research of sustainable packaging and a respectful management of disposals, along with the installation of solar panels in our facilities to reduce our reliance on commercial power, are essential for our development. Our focus is to offer the best product in a virtuous circle between our team, the environment and clients.
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South Wind produces high quality products, inspired and designed for a unique consumer experience. Dive into our versatile range of formats and find the best option to enjoy in whatever occasion. Enjoy flavor, quality and experience in one product.
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